Wikileaks app made $5,840

An iPhone App which was designed to raise money for Wikileaks was pulled by Jobs’ Mob because it could get someone killed.

Igor Barinov, the developer behind the WikiLeaks app, said that before Apple removed the App from its store, it was popular. It had been downloaded 4,443 times and made $5,840.14. Most of the cash will be going to Wikileaks. He collected a little bit for himself and according to Techcrunch  that was part of the problem.

Apple told Barinov that app violated its iPhone Developer TOS – one of the reasons was that he made a bit of cash on it.

Apples’ TOS says that “Apps that include the ability to make donations to recognised charitable organisations must be free.”

But the other reason is that apps were not allowed to be “defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited, or likely to place the targeted individual or group in harm’s way.”

Jobs’ Mob said that Wikileaks material was likely to get someone killed because it revealed names of US contacts in military zones.

Apple so far has been trying to keep its Walled Garden free from anything that a nun, retired colonel, or that TV evangelist Mary Whitehouse might find offensive. Obviously something that allows Americans to find out what their government actually does is  complete anathema to the establishment Vorlon-philosophy based outfit.

So far the online hacker group Anonymous has not taken any revenge on Apple for pulling the Wikileaks application.