Why can’t the authorities track down the Wikileaks leakster?

It is time to ask questions that no-one has asked yet, about Wikileaks. With thousands and thousands of files leaking onto the world wide web, how come no-one has tracked down who or what is leaking this stuff? This is a lot of data. Data can be tracked.

Let me give you a small example of how easy it is to track down people leaking stuff. A few years back, at the INQster, someone at a major UK publishing company sent me an email tipping me off about a story, which we ran. The next day, he was summoned to the office of the publisher and told he had been fired for gross misconduct. “You sent an email to Mike Magee using our email system, and you’re being fired because of that.”  He had no response he could make. Reed had tracked the email down.

Years before, at the Rogister, someone leaked to me information about the shape of the Pentium 4 – from his Intel address. I immediately replied, saying stop using your intel.com address, you’ll get yourself fired. I think he kept his job.

The whole Wikileaks phenomenon poses a number of questions, and causes me to wonder several things.

Is it someone or more than one person in the Obama administration that is leaking this stuff for its own political ends? Is the Chinese government so clever that it is able to leak the stuff to Wikileaks? Is it the Iranian government? Russia? North Korea?  Is there someone in a data centre somewhere that is able to access all these different files and send them to Wikileaks? And, nearly lastly, are all those files encrypted? And, finally, are the computer systems so leaky that the really embarrassing thing is that they’re an open book to anyone who cares to hack, hack and hack again?

Of course, I have no idea who is sending thousands of emails, PDFs or whatever they are to Wikileaks. But doesn’t this pose the really interesting question – next time a government or administration geezer stands up to condemn the Wikileaks stuff, shouldn’t some journo with gumption ask why the IT staff hasn’t tracked down the culprit or culprits yet?

It beggars belief that there isn’t someone who knows who exactly is leaking the stuff. And it also prompts the question why governments haven’t owned up that their p0wned. Doesn’t it? Maybe the governments should get Intel on the case, because the security authorities don’t seem to have an earthly how or why it’s happened. Or if they do, they are just not saying.

Inquiring and curious minds want to know. I bet Intel and Reed Publishing could help. It just isn’t, and can’t be Bradley Manning.