White House will veto CISPA

The White House has confirmed that President Obama will veto the controversial snooping bill CISPA.

According to Techdirt, Obama had previously threatened to veto the controversial bill, which has already passed the House and been amended, to take in some of his concerns.

However the White House has indicated that the amendments aren’t enough to save CISPA and he will veto it, setting fire to it and then dancing around his flaming waste paper basket while the fire alarms sound.

Sadly it does not mean an end to bizarre snooping laws entering US law. Obama is a big fan of the Lieberman cybersecurity bill in the Senate, which contains language similar to CISPA.

The Lieberman bill is not quite as nutty. CISPA allowed government and big corporations to spy on US citizens and share the information on the grounds that it was good for security.

The two laws share a provision that would give internet service providers and web companies preemptive legal immunity for sharing information about their users with the government without a warrant.