Westboro Baptist's Godhatesfags.com is smote

God has descended from his throne of clouds in the high heavens to speak through his official channel in the United States, the peace-preaching saviour of us all, Fred Phelps.  

The Westboro Baptist Church, in league with God according to a statement, is condemning Anonymous for hacking. It’s unconfirmed if Yahweh has given the green light for placards and funeral highjacking. We’re guessing “probably not”.

What Phelps doesn’t understand is too long to list. But he certainly doesn’t seem to understand that Anonymous is a loose collective of, er, anonymous individuals who like to smite for fun as much as Phelps’ twisted vision of his own personal hero.

In an “Open Letter from Westboro Baptist Servants of God to Anonymous Coward Crybaby “Hackers” Bring It!”, Phelps’ organisation claims that the only reason for the internet to exist is for the Westboro Baptist Church to spread its propoaganda. “You all will shut your mouth, confess He is God, mourn for your sins, repent, & obey — or you have no hope!” the flier begins.

The letter goes on to say that a “puddle of pimple-faced nerds organised under the cowardly banner of Anonymous claim they plan to hack Westboro’s Websites, including www.GodHatesFags.com”

It goes on to say that “Anonymous is warring with God; very stupid for little boys claiming to be so smart.” The letter accuses Anonymous of being “draconian” before closing with: “God hates fags and lousy hackers”.

The charmingly titled GodHatesFags seems to have disappeared from the internet but a cache of the Westboro letter can be found here

The Westboro Baptist Church also runs websites, supposedly in the name of a God, called jewskilledjesus.com and godhatestheworld.com.