We nominate our favourite Twitter fakers

With UK rag The Express missing the point entirely and being sensationally outraged at the brilliant and foul-mouthed @DianaInHeaven Twitter page, we thought we’d give you a brief rundown of a few favourite pretend Celeb Tweeters.

The Geordie poplet and X Factor judgess tweets unique insights into her married life with Chelsea tabloid antihero Ashley Cole. The former nightclub brawler recently said, “Ash is watchin footy on wor TV wi a por a red an blue glaziz; to make it look 3D he sez. He’s leike tha gadgie in Stor Trek.” Following the new face of L’Oreal is definitely “worth it.”

“I take tuna intravenously. You don’t get four biceps any other way” and “Wife’s birthday. She thinks I’m taking her to a Little Chef on the M4, but I’ve arranged to have her kidnapped. She adores the rescue sex”

Thick of It and In The Loop fans will recognise Malcolm Tucker as the sweary Scottish maybe-possibly-maybe-based-on-Alistair-Campbell press man of Downing Street. Recent highlights include coverage of Blair at The Chilcot Inquiry where he tweeted: “Blair looks constantly ready to break into that prick Peter Crouch’s robot dance.”

I guess the iconic big clock is kind of a celebrity. It goes ‘bong’ to tell you the time every single hour. Follow and observe as your Twitter addiction worsens, @BigBenClock slowly becoming the preferred way of finding out what time it is. It’s better and freer than dialing ‘123’.

One must get with the times, and so Liz The Queen Mum or Mahm has taken on social media, with insightful regal tweets such as “Now the snow has gone we wish to pop out to Ranjit’s Minimart and get a few bottles of gin. Now where are our buggy keys?”

Brian Butterfield is a very successful businessman who is relatively new to Twitter. You can look at his business ventures on his website here, including Butterfield Dairies and the state of the art Butterfield VHS Library.

An honourable mention goes to entertainment media professional @Alan_Partridge who has mysteriously stopped Tweeting since Christmas. First tweet and highlight: “The pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre has pretty much paid for itself due to easier access to Dixons