Watchdog wants Egypt style internet revolution in US

An organisation is questioning whether an internet revolution, similar to the one made in Egypt would help kick off a debate and boot out the US’s money hungry corporations.

The Consumer Watchdog is wondering if the same social media rules could start a peaceful revolution in America against the Wall Street and corporate powerhouses, which it claims  have turned the government against the best interests of its people.

It wants to use the internet in the same way as the Egyptian people did, claiming that the revolution in Cairo showed the power of online platforms like Twitter and Facebook to authentically air outrage and connect change makers. An army of bloggers also helped lobby for their rights.

Of course this didn’t go down too well as Egypt’s internet was largely shut down. However by that time news of the demonstrations had already gone around the world and back again. The speed of information thanks to the internet and social media is what ensured the news of the protests went global in minutes.

Now the Consumer Watchdog wants people to use the internet in the same way to bring down corporations. However, it says there is still a huge fight to protect peoples freedom online. Once again it says that this is because of the corporations, which created these platforms.

According to the corporation the abuse of corporate power makes people’s blood boil.
The 2008 election was supposed to settle the score with Wall Street and the corporate elite but the organisation claims that the change never came. It also points out that there is nearly no chance of it happening this year or in 2012.

Consumer Watchdog has clearly been moved by what is describes as the “heroism of the Egyptian people.

“We are inspired by their example,” it said in a newsletter.