Wales defends being the everywhere boy

The Wikipedia boss who never dated Fox News pundit Rachel Marsden has defended his mug appearing on every page of the online encyclopedia.

At the moment if you look up any page of Wikipedia you will see a picture of founder Jimmy Wales. Apparently the reason is because the outfit, which is not short of cash at all, is fundraising at the moment.

The banner advert with Wales’ mug on it lands directly above the subject title on all of Wikipedia’s 3.7 million pages. Sometimes with unfortunate results, the picture appears above every title.

It is a little ironic that Jimbo allows himself to be the Everywhere Boy when his encyclopedia spent a long time trying to kill off the Everywhere Girl.

Some people find it bloody annoying. Reddit user kecr emailed Wales and pleaded with him to “discontinue using Wikipedia to further your own personal celebrity”.

Wales wrote back and said that he was very sympathetic. “Unfortunately, we have done extensive testing and my banner performs much better than banners of readers or even of most editors. A few have done well, and we are using them too. I find it very annoying – I don’t want to be a celebrity. – Jimbo”

Kecr told the Reddit community – and the Wikipedia donation page – that his reason for donating was to “compensate for my shame”, so clearly Jimbo Wales managed to convince someone.