Vodafone explains that beaver tweet

Vodafone has issued an explanation of events on Friday that led to it to tweeting to its 8,643 Twitter followers that @VodafoneUK “is sick of dirty homo’s [sic] and is going after beaver”.

TechEye has been in touch with Vodafone’s head of Web Relations, Jakub Hrabovsky, a man who wearily told us, “You can have all the guidelines in place but you can’t prepare for this sort of thing.”

It turns out that the whole debacle was a practical joke gone horribly wrong. In an issued explanation Hrabovsky tells us how it really happened.

“On Friday one of the members of the Web Relations team who was moderating the company Twitter account left his computer for a minute to ask a colleague some advice,” says Hrabovsky.

“Another member of staff who is unconnected with the Web Relations team saw his colleagues screen open and assuming it was his colleague’s personal Twitter account posted the inappropriate tweet.

“Within minutes we realised what had happened and issued an apology. The individual who posted the tweet was suspended with immediate effect and an internal investigation is now underway.”

So there you have it.