Virtual daughter costs real daughter's life

A South Korean couple became so obsessed with raising a virtual daughter online that they let their real one die.

According to AP,  Inspector Knacker of the South Korean Yard have fingered the collar of Kim Yoo-chul, 41, and Choi Mi-sun, 25, have been charged with child abuse and neglect following the discovery of their severely dehydrated and malnourished three-month-old daughter.

The couple left the kid at home while they hung out in internet cafes in a multi-role playing game called PRIUS. The game is similar to Second Life and the couple were raising a virtual daughter there.

Apparently they returned home after a 12 hour stint at the Internet Cafe to find their real daughter dead.

Detective Chung Jin-Won of the Suwon Seobu Police Station said they had had spent 12 hours, all night, at the cafe.

When coppers investigated they found that the child had died of malnourishment.

The couple confessed they had fed the child rotten powdered milk and often spanked her.

Apparently Kim’s parents had been taking care of the baby but gave her back to the couple two weeks before she died. They were too busy in their virtual world to pay her much attention.