Virgin Media reveals plans for 400Mbps modems, routers

Virgin Media has said it is getting its products ready for broadband speeds of 400Mbps but it’s currently concentrating on bringing its customers 100Mbps.

The company has said that by the end of the year its modems and routers will be ready for the next DOCIS standard, which could see broadband speeds rise to 400Mbps, which is said to be fast enough to download an album in around a second, or a high-definition film in around two minutes.

The technology would also enable the company to offer consumer HD video calling and cloud computing.

To help increase that network capacity to make fuller use of the 400Mbps modem, and the router, the company also wants to work with utility companies to use telegraph poles to run broadband connections into homes in more remote areas.

Jon James, Virgin Media’s director of broadband said at a conference yesterday: “We want to be ready for the evolution of network speeds in the coming years as we roll out ever-improving services.”

However a representative for Virgin today told TechEye that the current focus is to roll out its 100Mps speeds to customers by the end of the year.

“We will be launching the 100Mps speeds by the end of the year, following ongoing successful trials of 200Mps in certain areas,” he told us.

He added that the service would also be implemented much faster than Virgin’s 50Mbps service, which took around nine months to roll out.