Vicious CounterStrike prompted knife attack in China

A 17 year old boy had a foot long rusty knife plunged through his brain after accusations of wallhacking in Counter Strike at a Chinese internet cafe.

The cafe, in Jilin province, is a popular hang out spot for youths who want to virtually blast away at each other in the first person shooter. However, as anyone who has had the misfortune to play Counter Strike extensively will be aware, accusations of cheating are rife in the game even when they’re not happening. One player couldn’t stand being repeatedly owned by the 17 year old and took it upon himself to noclip through lines of computers and melee the kid in the head with the knife, scoring about 12 damage.

Somehow the kid godmoded just before the knife hit him and survived. Local doctors, according to Kotaku said that the knife missed major arteries and passed through parts of the brain that affected motor skills without somehow causing damage to them.

After a gruelling ten hours in the operating theatre, the knife had been completely removed, but the victim is still under observation in case bits of rust flake away inside his brain. The attacker fled the scene of the crime and is thought to have hit ‘notarget’ – as it is not yet known whether local authority bots spawned in time and captured the man.