Users confused over Buzz

Google supremo Eric Schmidt has blamed the row over Buzz’s share-all-your-personal-data-to-the-world policy on “confused users”.

The outfit has been at the centre of a storm of criticism and Schmidt’s answer seems to be to hide under a tree and point the finger at users.

Schmidt says nobody had been harmed by Buzz and that the problems were merely the result of poor communication.

He said there was a lot of confusion when Buzz was announced and punters thought that somehow we were publishing their email addresses and private information, which was not true.

Claims that the privacy issue was because of stupid users will be news to privacy campaigners, some of whom are fairly bright cookies.

A blogger – Harriet Jacobs, who is a marital rape victim – claims she had her privacy invaded because the system thought she would like to be connected to her abusive ex-husband.

If the problem was all because the rules were not explained properly then how come so many people suffered from having their data shared and why did Google spends a fortune trying to fix the system and the bad PR? Maybe Eric was confused.