US opens Twitter account in Arabic

The US State Department has just launched a Twitter account which tweets messages solely in Arabic.

It is thought that the account, which is the department’s first foray into Arabic language micro-blogging, is driven by the recent uprising in the Middle East which is widely considered to have been, in part at least, spurred on by the free flow of information on social media services like Facebook and Twitter.

If you’ll excuse our reliance on Google Translate, a tweet says something about the: “historic role played media in the Arab world and we want to be a part of your conversations.

Further posts, which began earlier today, once again put forward President Obama’s point of view that “ultimately the future of the Egyptian people is in the hands of the Egyptian people,” as well as from US Vice-President Joe Biden to stop the harassment of the Egyptian people.

The Twitter account, named USA bilAraby meaning “USA in Arabic”, is supporting the “formal interface with the U.S. and Arab media US Department of State Arabic Media Hub”.

The account, which currently has 159 followers, can be found here.