US military confirms Twitter is AOK

Twitter and Facebook and Google Buzz are as safe as houses, the US military said in a move that must fly in the face of logic as well as common sense.

The Pentagon wants its troops to social notwork like there’s no tomorrow, doing a complete u-turn on its previous attitude to YouTube and MySpace, as well as Defacebook.

But there is a caveat and the caveat is that security precautions must be followed and everything has got to be really, really ethical.

An US Defense (sic) Secretary laid down the newish guidelines yesterday.

The Marines – tell it to the Marines – are not allowed to use these social notworking things on computers that are for work.

Young soldiers need to be able to tweet all the time just to keep their loved ones and followers in touch with whoever follows them, on Buzz.

Senior military staff will not permit youngsters to access pornography sites, gambling sites and the like. Nor to contribute to sites that are quite a bit dicky.

Gambling online is illegal in many US States but we feel slightly sorry that the kids won’t be able to access soft porn sites. If you’re on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Iraq or the United Kingdom you need something to keep your spirits and other parts of your anatomy up when you’re feeling down. Especially if you’re based in the very damp and gloomy UK.

Hey the US Marine pictured looks like a real hunk to me! When he orgasms, will he scream like that?