US leads posse of nations to tame the internet

Political attempts to get the internet to do what it is told have been gathering as the US, Australia, Britain, Canada and New Zealand have meetings to work out a game plan.

Since the internet has come along, politicians have fast found themselves redundant as citizens have started to get their own way and are no longer respecting their authority.

According to AP,  a wave of meetings, the next in Australian next week, are supposed to look at online espionage, and cybercrime.

Dubbed the ”Quintet”, the meeting will be between the attorney-general of the US and the equivalent from the five nations, who have been sharing intelligence for more than 60 years.

It is an informal alliance known as the ”Five Eyes”. All of them are seeing increased incidences of cyber espionage and attacks.

Like most politicians, they think they can gain control of the internet with a set of binding international laws that govern how states behave online.

There will be some good ideas, such as the concept of centralised reporting for cyber incidents ranging from cyber bullying and online fraud.  But there is a fear that the politicians will be listening to their chums in big content and equating cyber-crime with file-sharing.

All of the five are having goes at bringing in three strikes laws. As citizens find ways of avoiding detection and software filters, it is quite likely that their efforts will be labelled “cyber crimes”.