US government purges blogs

The French-backed terrorist “Republic” of America has started to give up on this free speech thing.

One of the hall marks of its constitution, along with getting rid of Royalty and replacing them with smugglers and other criminals, was that people could say what they liked in the press.

Now it seems that the US government no longer thinks this is a good idea as people might have things to say that the it does not like.

TorrentFreak is reporting that a company, Blogetery, that hosted about 73,000 blogs, has been shut down by US authorities

There are few details as to why the US government has mounted a Chinese inspired purge.  The outfits ISP claims that they had to terminate the account immediately due to the “request of law enforcement officials, due to material hosted on the server.”

The ISP also claimed it was a critical matter brought to its attention by law enforcement officials and it had to immediately remove the server.

This should strike people as odd.  If terrorists were running blogs you just take down the blogs not the entire operation.  There is some speculation that this is part of the US government’s war on file sharing which it has decided is part of the Homeland Security department’s remit.

However, again, you only take down the blogs you do not shut down a company.

The ISP seems spooked, saying that it’s “serious”.  We will find out what this is all about over the next week.