US bullied Spain into adopting SOPA-esque policy

The US told Spain that unless it brought in a law similar to SOPA it would face a trade blacklist.

The SOPA* law is being pushed through in the US by a bunch of lawmakers who depend on campaign donations from music and film companies.

US “diplomats” have been demanding other countries bring in similar police-state style laws.

According to Torrent Freak, a leaked letter sent to Spain’s outgoing President, the US ambassador to the country warned that as punishment for not passing a SOPA-esque censorship law, Spain risked being put on a United States trade blacklist .

It looks like the treat worked. The new government is now working with the US to hand over its legal system to the music and film industries so they can lock up who they like, when they like. It is a bit like the days of Franco, only in this case there was not a civil war to remove human rights in Spain first.

The US’s heavy handed treatment of an EU member was revealed during a recent Wikileak cable. There, a controversial draft new Spanish copyright legislation was shown to have been written by the US.

Another diplomatic leak has revealed how the US was furious that President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapaterowas not going to pass the US-drafted Sinde (site blocking) Law before leaving office.

The letter, signed by US ambassador Alan D. Solomont to the Spanish Prime Minister’s office, revealed the US expressed “deep concern” over the failure to implement the SOPA-style censorship law.

In the letter, Solomont said that the government failed to finish the job for “political reasons” to the detriment of the reputation and economy of Spain.

It was not really Solomont’s fault in the last days of the government, he did try.

The incoming Partido Popular (People’s Party) were quickly pressured by the US to bring in the law and bought it in within 10 days of taking office. The country is broke easily succumbed to the threat of trade retaliation from the US.

*EyeSee “Sopa” means “soup” in Spanish and Portugese. ¡Let them eat SOPA!