US Air Force swoops down on TMZ

The US Air Force has swooped down on the writers of TMZ, after the website managed to obtain details about sophisticated missile equipment.

Two members of the force landed in Vegas to question the writers from “Pawn Stars”,
to investigate how the guys were able to buy AIM-120 AMRAAM missile guidance system and missile parts last week.

They put down their authoritative boots telling those in question to ensure that the system was no longer active.  And just to be on the safe side they also and pulled it apart to ensure it did not contain any important information.

The agents also inquired about the woman who sold the missile guts to the “Pawn Stars”.
The woman in question had maintained that her dad had bought the items at an official military auction during the ’80s, which had all the court documents to prove it was legal.

And TMZ is rightfully having a gloat after finding out that the investigation was started after the Pentagon called up wanting to know why they were out of the loop about a missile featured on the site.