US Air Force starts blocking sites linked to Wikileaks

The US Air Force is so terrified of Wikileaks it is banning any newspaper or magazine that happens to publish material from the site.

The New York Times, Guardian, El Pais, Le Monde and Der Spiegel have all been censored by the US Air Force and anyone who tries to view them get an “ACCESS DENIED. Internet Usage is Logged & Monitored” notice.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the notice means that trying to read the Guardian or the New York Times could send airforce personnel to the glass house.

The Air Force has confirmed that it has blocked more than 25 websites that contained the documents, originally obtained by the website Wikileaks and published starting late last month, in order to keep classified material off unclassified computer systems.

Major Toni Tones (no really), a spokeswoman for Air Force Space Command, said that removing such material after it ends up on a computer could require “unnecessary time and resources.

A New York Times spinner told the Journal that it was sad that the US Air Force has chosen not to allow its personnel access to the most important news, analysis and commentary.

After all where are they going to read Apple press releases and stories about the next iPad if they are banned from reading the New York Times?

The Guardian has big words in it, so we doubt it will be missed that much by US military personnel. We would not think there were many in the US military who can speak German and the vast majority would think that Berlin was somewhere in Utah.

Apparently it is only the Air Force which has instituted the ban.The Army, Navy and Marines aren’t blocking the sites, and the Defense Department hasn’t told anyone to do so.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense has issued guidance against visiting Wikileaks or downloading documents posted there, according to officials.