UN weapons inspector was internet sex pest

A central figure in the story about the US invasion of Iraq has been revealed as an internet sex pest who scouted for underage girls in adult chat rooms.

Scott Ritter, 49, was the UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. He resigned after accusing the United States and UN of failing to get tough with Saddam Hussein.

Later he became a critic of the US war and said that Iraq had destroyed its weapons of mass destruction.

However now it seems that he has been convicted of having unlawful contact with a minor during an online sex sting.

Stringer exchanged sexual messages with a detective posing as a 15-year-old girl and masturbated even after he was warned that the “girl” was a minor.

A jury in the US state of Pennsylvania found Ritter guilty on six counts on Thursday, with sentencing set for next month.

Ritter claimed he thought the person he met in a Yahoo chat room on February 7, 2009, was an adult acting out her own fantasy.

Apparently he was arrested by coppers on a similar offence in 2001, news of the arrests was leaked and Ritter claimed it was all a political smear because of his outspoken criticism of the Iraq war.  He was not charged on that occasion.

Ritter claimed at the time that the Iraq war was not for oil, but to appease George Bush’s Israeli chums.