UMTS Forum predicts a billion connected devices by 2016

With the rise of smartphones, tablets and smart TVs the UMTS Forum predicts that there will be over a billion connected consumer electronics devices by 2016.

A report called Two Worlds Connected: Consumer Electronics Meets Mobile Broadband was prepared by Strategic Analytics for the UMTS Forum, a mobile broadband industry association focusing on 3G and 4G networks.

The findings of the report included an estimated growth of connected devices to a whopping billion units over the next six years, with these devices ranging from phones and cameras to car computer systems and personal health monitors.

The largest growth will be seen in gaming consoles, e-readers, car infotainment systems, home appliances and healthcare, according to Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Chairman of the UMTS Forum.

The report found that there is a growing “collision” between devices and mobile broadband and that companies in the consumer electronics industry must “connect or perish”, as more and more consumers look for net connectivity wherever they go and whatever they do.

Other findings in the report include Wi-Fi remaining the dominant internet access used in homes, a co-existance of cloud server and media server technologies, that consumer electronics will not be the main driver behind mobile broadband growth for the short to medium term, and that poor business models, spectrum fragmentation and high chip prices are holding the industry back.