UK police won't single out Anonymous for strong arm tactics

UK authorities are somewhat more laid back than the US cops when it comes to the protesting antics of the online hacking outfit Anonymous.

Anonymous have been attacking the website of the transit network in San Francisco and arranging demos and we were curious what would happen if they did the same thing in Blighty.

Obviously Anonymous protests on public service networks in the UK are not something that the Met police are happy to talk about freely. However it does seem that Anonymous members are not being singled out from other protest groups for special treatment.

Talking to TechEye, the Met said there was not much difference between an Anonymous protest and any other group. Dealing with the outftit did not require stronger action.

Our source refused to comment on the specifics of how a protest involving recurring protests on a public network such as Transport for London would be coordinated.

However this is suprisingly enlightened as it recognises that Anonymous is protesting, rather than just carrying out damage for the sake of it.

This contrasts with protests against the Bay Area Rapid Transit system over in America. As you can see here, the police are somewhat more inclined to flex their muscles in San Francisco.

While the might of Anonymous may be impressive when hitting the network with DDOS attacks, we reckon that in terms of physical harm the hacktivist group are not quite as intimidating.

But as the protests focus in part around disarming the BART police force it should come as little surprise that there is such a presence.