UK government agnostic about IE, Firefox, Opera

The UK government said that it was agnostic about which browsers are used and that consideration was given to value for money requirements.

Angela Smith, from the Cabinet Office, was asked by a conservative politician, Francis Maude, what the government’s position on was installing and using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers for government departments.

Smith said that the government’s open source, open standards strategy means that departments have to consider open source browsers like Firefox and Opera on a “level basis” with proprietary browsers such as Internet Explorer.

The government’s open source strategy can be found here. Amongst other things it says: “Often, Open Source is best – in our web services, in the NHS and in other public services. But we need to increase the pace and drive the principle of open source open standards and re-use through all ICT enabled public services.”

We wonder why Francis Maude asked the question.