UK gov departments encouraged to upgrade to IE8

Late last month we confirmed that the Home Office is taking a u-turn on the safety of Internet Exploder 6 and will be upgrading to IE8. Will this be a domino effect, we pondered? We can reveal that it appears that way – No. 10 Downing Street has confirmed to us that it will be upgrading to a newer model. And all departments are being recommended to upgrade to the “most recent version”.

In a statement released to TechEye, a spokesperson said: “Although the Cabinet Office sets our mandatory requirements for information security and assurance through the Security Policy Framework it is up to individual departments to put the processes and measures in place to meet these requirements.  There is no specific requirement in relation to web browsers.  

“Decisions such as which web browser to use will be based on a number of criteria including a risk assessment as well as business requirements – cost will obviously be a factor in this.  CESG gives advice and guidance to departments on managing information risks, including the security of government IT systems. 

As part of this they have recently published guidance to departments using Microsoft Internet Explorer, encouraging them to upgrade to the most recent version of the web browser and continue to patch vulnerabilities where necessary.”

At long last! It seems a petition filed earlier this year with much support from the press and public to upgrade from the archaic and flawed browser has been taken seriously, and pairs well with Theresa May’s concerns on cyber security.