Twittering journalist fools Taliban

A Japanese hack who was held hostage in Afghanistan for five months managed to sneak out a message via Twitter to the outside world that he was alive.

Days before he was freed, Kosuke Tsuneoka said one of the militants asked him to set up his new mobile phone.

While the Taliban are paranoid about technology, women and barbers, for some reason God allows them internet capable mobile phones .

Apparently they wanted to see Al-Jazeera on the phone, but Tsuneoka convinced them that it would be fun to play with Twitter. He signed onto his account and showed them how it worked by sending out a message that he was alive.

It does not sound like his capturers were the brightest of bulbs. Tsuneoka said he did not think they actually were aware that they had been tricked. Either that or they knew that Tsuneoka was going to be released and didn’t give a monkey’s who he told he was alive.

According to AP his caputers were members of the Hizb-e-Islami and set him free in part because he is a Muslim. He had converted to Islam in 2000. The Japanese government paid no ransom to free Tsuneoka. Lightning strikes again.

Tsuneoka admitted that he thought that he was going to be killed. But his captors fed him well and never used violence.

He said that they were basically a bunch of thieves trying to screw cash from the Japanese government.

Tsuneoka has been abducted before. He disappeared in Georgia in 2001 and was held for several months. That time he was freed during a Georgian military operation.