Twitter witters on as counts and lists disappear

The twitterati were thrown into a slight panic last night when lists and Tweets disappeared in twitter.

But Twitter was on the case posting a message on its blog page telling those worried that the micro-blogging site was broken for good that: “Lists and Tweet counts on the home page are currently disabled; we’re working toward restoring them. You can still see your total number of Tweets on your profile page.”

On its page the company also posted a list of Tweets reassuring people. Twelve hours ago it said: “We are investigating missing tweet counts and user lists. We’ll follow up shortly with more info.”

Followed by: “We have resolved the issue with missing tweet counts and user lists”

Six hours ago an update told users: “We’re working on restoring your tweet counts and user lists. Thanks for being patient!”

And the latest update is: “Lists and Tweet counts on homepage is estimated to be restored by 6AM PDT.”

This isn’t the first time Twitter has experienced these problems but it hasn’t stopped people panicking, in fact it probably causes the same amount of worry as when Gmail goes down. Calm down Twits, it’s only a small problem.