Twitter will open data centres to keep Fail Whale away

Twitter goes down a lot. Usually when the US wakes up, we’re greeted to a friendly looking whale being all, “Oops, sorry!” But it happens all the time and it’s not good enough for us at TechEye Towers.

We want to share memes and read about who’s having what for lunch all the time, we don’t want whale sponsored slow-down. It’s almost enough to make you hop on a ship, harpooned up and ready. For revenge.

So thank heavens Twitter is going to build a data centre to keep that bastard whale at bay. It’s moving technical operations to a custom built data centre in the Salt Lake City area later on this year. It said on a bog post that as Twitter’s user base keeps shooting up and up, it needs more to keep it afloat, while simultaneously sinking Fail Whale.

Twitter will have full control, it says, over network and systems configuration and will make sure that the building is designed specifically to coordinate with Twitter’s power and cooling needs.

“Importantly, having our own data center [sic] will give us the flexibility to more quickly make adjustments as our infrastructure needs change,” it said on its bog.

There will be more data centres opening up around the states over the next two years, it says. And it will carry on its work with NTT America to try to keep things flowing smoothly.

Apparently the first Twitter data centre, in Salt Lake City, is being designed with a multi homed network which will bring in far better reliability as well as being able to support increased capacities. Its next centres will also need to follow a similar build, allowing for high availability and redundancy in network and systems infrastructure.

Goodbye then
Fail Whale
You blew us away with your blowhole

But we’re sick of your mischief
And now you’re harpooned

It’s no surprise then
That some called you Moby
Because you’re a d–

H.C. Dish (Hopeful)