Twitter tells twits to stop twittering

Social notworking site Twitter has a bit of a problem with people twittering.

Twitter CEO Evan Williams thinks that too many people are spending too much time on his site talking rubbish.

He said that the outfit was trying to increase the signal-to-noise ratio and giving people really valuable stuff with as little effort as possible.

He said it was not a good idea to get people to spend more time using Twitter. He said there is is good quality stuff on the site which people need to find.

Williams said the company goal was to make it easier to find that needle of real information in the haystack of inane drivel which most people spout on Twitter.

Williams added that he had no interest in just increasing the time you spend on the Twitter site.

“If anything we’d like to decrease it. We want to make Twitter a tool for you that helps you get stuff done.” Good luck with that.