Twitter loses news source credibility

Twitter’s chance of ever becoming a method of delivering news content have been scuppered by the fact that it is censoring users when requested by broadcasters.

According to the Guardian, the outfit has suspended a British journalist who dared to post critical tweets of NBC’s Olympics coverage. Independent hack Guy Adams was censored after a complaint from NBC.

According to the Independent the social media network received thousands of angry tweets after the Twitter feed of Guy Adams of the Independent disappeared.

NBC has confirmed that it had complained to Twitter after Adams published the email address of one of its senior bosses. It claimed that it was a violation of Twitter’s privacy policy.

The address was of Gary Zenkel, the president of NBC Olympics, and Adams suggested that people should complain to him about the TV network’s delayed broadcast of the opening ceremony of the Games.

Adams pointed out that the email was not a private one but a corporate account.

Shutting him down appears to be an attempt from NBC to silence his coverage. 

His main theme has been that NBC were money grabbers for refusing to show the opening of the Olympics live because it wanted to maximise its advertising revenue in prime time. The US got to see the opening ceremony six hours behind the rest of the world.

When NBC did broadcast, the outfit made several offensive remarks about the British including one where a commentator admitted that he had not heard of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British inventor of the world wide web.

Still, we are surprised that some US journalists even know where the UK is.