Twitter has its first redesign

Social notworking outfit Twitter has unveiled its first site re-design which it hopes will draw users who never visit the main page these days.

New features at the site include a user stream on the left side of the screen with a breakout second window on the right side that includes secondary content.

This secondary content can be anything from information on users to photos to video links.

According to Twitter the site will be faster with constantly streaming tweets.

Currently people have been using Twitter through third-party apps, usually for their mobiles and not bothering to go to the main site. This has been costing the company as it has been unable to sell brand advertising.

The company announced deals with 16 partners to let users embed their multimedia content within the site. The new two- column design can showcase material from Google YouTube and Yahoo ‘s Flickr, along with relatively smaller services like Justin.TV.

The big idea is that marketers can use multimedia in online promotions. In April, the company began selling ads called “promoted tweets,” which let companies like Best Buy and Starbucks pay to have messages appear at the top of search pages on the site.

The new site is expected to unroll globally today.

The site has released a video to show its new redesign which can be seen below.