Twitter for Crackberry out of beta

Research in Motion (RIM) has introduced Twitter for Blackberry so it’s on my Crackberry now – with some misgivings.

I mean it’s just possible that I might find myself two, three or four sheets to the wind and will be so twattered or kalied that I might start twittering and creating all sorts of social notworking problems.

Just possible.

The Crackberry client is pretty fully featured and lets you do much the same things you can with the full client. But the Crackberry client also lets you look at photographs using tweetphoto, look at tweets that have geotags on them, and the like.

Just don’t be surprised by anything @MikeMagee111 you might see if it’s after, say 9PM UK time. Most people ignore any emails I send to them after that hour.

You can get it at If you must. Hic.