Twitter chases the cash

Twitter is expected to reveal its plan for making cash from the social notworking site, today.

The New York Times said the plan is not exactly rocket science as it just means that it is going to stick adverts on the site.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo apparently told it that users would not see ads they did not find useful. We would have thought advertising and useful were two works that only an advertising department sales person could stick in the same sentence.

The program dubbed Promoted Tweets, will show up when Twitter users search for keywords that the advertisers have bought to link to their ads.

Twitter will show promoted posts in the stream of Twitter posts, based on how relevant they might be to a particular user.

Outfits signed up to run ads, including Best Buy, Virgin America, Starbucks and Bravo.

Costolo said that the idea behind Promoted Tweets is that we want to enhance the communications that companies are already having with customers on Twitter.

Again, we say anyone who thinks advertising should be part of any conversation has spent too long hanging around sales and marketing.

Twitter has been slow to turn its user base into cash. It has been making cash so far by licensing its stream of posts to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Adverts will let businesses insert themselves into the stream of real-time conversation on Twitter to ensure their posts do not get buried in the flow.