Twins suing Facebook say The Social Not-work is spot on

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the 29-year-old identical twins involved in a bitter lawsuit against Facebook, claim that the portrayal of characters and events in The Social Network film is entirely accurate, despite others, including Zuckerberg himself, raising concerns about the factual nature of the movie.

“It does a great job of capturing the factual events of the 18 months of the founding of Facebook. It is a true story,” said Cameron, who indicated that he and his brother had nothing to do with the writing or shooting of the film, having never met the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, nor Ben Mezrich, the author of the book upon which the screenplay was based.

“We were basically bystanders. We were hoping for the best. And we were relieved when we saw the movie,” Cameron said.

Zuckerberg, on the other hand, was far from relieved. He said that the only things the film markers got right were the fleeces and shirts he wore. He was particularly peeved at the portrayal of his character, especially with how the inception of Facebook was depicted as a ploy to get girls. Zuckerberg says that’s ridiculous because he has been dating the same girl from before Facebook was created.

Yet the Winklevoss brothers, who claim that they came up with the idea for Facebook, vouch for the film as being completely factual. The twins took out a lawsuit against Facebook in 2004, saying Zuckerberg copied an idea they and others had for a social network called ConnectU. In 2008 the case was settled out of court for a rumoured $65 million. 

However, the case was reopened earlier this year, with the brothers alleging that Facebook financial figures were not accurately reported. Which could mean a further, much higher settlement.

The film backs up the Winkelvoss brothers’ claims by suggesting that Zuckerberg stole the idea, resulting in lawsuits, bitter disputes and lost friendships.