Tory culture secretary calls for internet giants to censor the web

The UK’s culture secretary, Maria Miller, is so in touch with the rest of the UK she is certain she speaks on behalf of everyone when she says the internet must be censored.

Miller, who is the Dolores Umbridge of British politics, is certain that no one really wants to use the internet for porn and she thinks it is terrible that people can say whatever they like.

She has summoned Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and other firms to a Whitehall summit where they will talk about how they are going to censor the internet so it fits with what she wants.

Miller said that the tech giants were not doing enough to prevent the internet from drowning in a tide of porn and free speech.

She is expected to tell them that they must consider urgent measures to limit access to harmful material before the government insists on filters to screen out ‘offensive and unlawful’ content.

Miller is also planning tighter controls on what is allowed on public wi-fi, and a new industry-wide protocol on how complaints are dealt with.

Vodafone and O2 are also being asked to attend the talks so that they can censor all this sort of stuff from mobiles.

Talking to like minded souls at the Daily Mail,  Miller said her idea to mirror Saudi Arabia style censorship came after Mark Bridger was given a life sentence for the murder of five-year-old April Jones last week.

Apparently since he had collected a ‘library’ of sickening images from the internet in the weeks before the abduction we all have to collectively suffer. Of course she also brought up the Woolwich killing.  All of these things would not have happened had it not been for the internet – after all, they never happened in England in the good old days of Margaret Thatcher.

She gave the Daily Mail a letter to Dan Cobley, UK managing director of Google, in which she said that with all these horrific events happening everyone in Britain is demanding that the government curtail their freedoms to watch people have sex or say what they like online.

Her censorship list includes material which might incite racial or religious hatred – which has always proved a can of worms.

Apparently the April Jones case means that all right minded people want P2P sites censored too. We are not sure how that slipped in but apparently everyone in the country now desires an end to P2P, probably because it will save the children.

Miller seems to think that greater efforts need to be made to prevent the uploading, downloading and sharing of harmful material, but of course, she does not say how.

“Effective technological solutions have to be developed – and deployed -to minimise the harm done to businesses and consumers,” she thundered.

Google plays a key role in terms of how individuals access online content and has serious public responsibilities as a result of this position, she insisted.

She plans to give the industry a stern talking to when she meets them on 18 June.