Torrent Reactor buys a Russian town

How does a torrent site get people on side? Buy a town and give it free internet access of course.

According to TorrentFreak, TorrentReactor, which is listed as one of the top five popular torrent sites on the internet, has bought a small town in central Russia for the not so pricey sum of £94,580 (4.5 million rubles).

The town formerly known as Gar has been renamed after the website, and all 214 inhabitants, who previously had access to three computers and one dial-up connection, could now be in for free broadband internet access. 

TorrentFreak stresses that the story could be a rumour as the site is well known for playing pranks and the Russian authorites have not confirmed the news, but it has obtained a comment from TorrentReactor:

“We realise it’s just a drop in the ocean comparing to the amount of money needed to help thousands of other villages. But we at least do something to support complete strangers. We are proud that we are able to do so and hope we will be proud of this in the future,” the TorrentReactor team said.

“Most of [the investment] will be split among villagers and the rest will be used to re-equip the local school, repair roads, purchase agricultural equipment and machinery. Also company decided to pay for broadband Internet connection in the settlement which will result in about 900,000 rubles ($30,000) because there are no networks nearby.”

Torrent Reactor is trying to convince us that it’s the real deal, setting up a page on its site detailing the village.

Gar village was founded in 1958 by so-called Old Believers (a religious movement of Russian Orthodox Church that denied 1650s reforms and adopted many traditions of Greek Orthodox). As Russia was a part of The Soviet Union at that time all religions were persecuted. Many people had to keep it underground. Seversk nuclear reactor (200 km or 124 miles from Gar village) was launched in the same year and many political prisoners had to work there.

Picture credit: Torrent Reactor