Top football player told to tone down Facebook

A top women’s football player has been told to tone down her Facebook profile because an Aussie kid was apparently shocked at a suggestive snap on the social notworking site.

Not content with worrying about drug use amongst football stars, the Football Federation Australia ordered Olympian Lisa De Vanna to hide the images.

Of course the 13 year old girl who popped onto the site to find out more about her football hero didn’t complain, it was the girl’s mum.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald  the Facebook images, which could be viewed by the public, showed 25-year-old De Vanna in a series of lewd poses. On the the snap that got the mum’s goat was one of De Vanna with a large blow up penis which was apparently taken at one of those sports club bashes.

Of course De Vanna’s mates had put a few rude comments next to the snaps which did not help.

The girl’s mother, Jane, told the press she was “distraught” after viewing the images.

“I wouldn’t want my daughter to follow the Matildas and Lisa after seeing these images. These girls aren’t role models at all they are an embarrassment to themselves and their sport,” Jane said.

Jane is apparently unaware that football is full of overpaid, cocaine nose jobs, who get their pick of top models and sports cars based on their ability to kick a ball in the net. Any idea that they should be role models for conservative up-tights was put to bed, quite literally, by George Best and his ilk.

Unfortunately the FAA has still not woken up to the reality that football is packed with overpaid, not particularly bright, hedonists and has demanded De Vanna, who has represented Australia in 65 matches, remove the images.

Jane, who did not want her surname to be used, received an apology from the head of women’s football at the FFA late last night.

Of course people like Jane do not go away if you give them what they want. She is now apparently concerned about the obscene comments that accompanied the images.

Perth-born De Vanna, who plays in the US for the Washington Freedom, represented Australia at the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2007 and 2010 AFC Women’s Asian Cups. She was named in the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup All Star team. But heck, if she plays with a blow up willy at a piss-up she needs to be crucified. Watch out Wayne Rooney.