Top cop fired for dating site threat to ex

A top Aussie cop has been fired for setting up an internet dating profile that encouraged men to chase his ex-girlfriend, and fellow copper, for sex.

According to AP Detective Sergeant Darren James Clohesy was fired after he failed to show up to a police disciplinary hearing in response to his court conviction.  

Last week, Adelaide Magistrates Court last week, Clohesy was given an 18-month suspended sentence and ordered to perform 320 hours of community service work.He was charged with stalking but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of offensive behaviour.  

It also seems that he was improperly accessing the police computer system in regards to his ex and was charged with that too.The court heard that after his relationship with Tania Milsom, ended in early 2009, Clohesy, who was in in charge of breaking up Adelaide’s criminal gangs, helped another woman set up a profile on an adult internet dating site.

 It provided Milsom’s phone number and address and encouraged men to contact her for sex

.A number of blokes popped around to Milsom’s home hoping to get a cup of coffee, and at least one knocked on her bedroom window.

Clohesy provided his former girlfriend’s details for the site, something central to the plot.  The court heard how the scheme had been designed to embarrass, frighten and degrade the woman who had rejected him.

After he was sentenced, Clohesy was ordered to appear before a police disciplinary hearing to show cause why he should not be sacked.  He didn’t and was fired.