Tons of Google Calendar entries wiped clean

Google’s online help forum is awash with reports of users who have lost vital data on their Google Calendar service.

It seems as though up until last night the online calendar was working fine, but now a large number of users have woken up to find that their diaries have been wiped clean, with calendars and entries having been deleted.

Though it is not expected to have affected all users, there are a number of frantic reports of vital information going missing on the help forum.

The problem, which seems to be affecting a wide range of devices and operating systems, appears to have started causing problems quite recently, with reports beginning to flow in early this morning.

One user posted: “I am using WinXP and Internet Explorer 7. I do not synch this calendar with anything and did not realise that I should back it up – I never dreamed that it would all disappear!” 


We expect Google’s competent communications team to go live with a blog post any time soon, and it’ll probably just claim everyone needed a holiday. Google’s not evil, and it knows what it’s doing!

*Update Google has admitted it screwed up, but only a little. According to Google, “less than 0.001%” of its calendar users have seen the service trip up. It’s a “disruption” and not severe.