Time Warner goes to court over cable on iPad

Time Warner is insisting that its app is given breathing space while seeking a declaratory judgment in the courts. It cheesed off TV network partners who claimed it had no right to broadcast shows over the iPad or iPad 2 with an app.

This particular court request is aimed squarely at Viacom. Time Warner Cable says that the proof is in the 360,000 downloads of the TWCableTV app, launched only mid-March, that people want to watch telly on tablets. And they should be allowed to view content whichever way they choose.

Posting from its bog, Time Warner says that it is confident about its distribution rights over different forms of infrastructure, and that partners are getting in an absurd tiff over the app.

We guess the problem lies in programming partners’ desire to have their own apps released, helping along their brands and driving traffic and money. With a catch-all cable service application like the one Time Warner offers it stops a tablet device from getting cluttered by channel apps in their legion. 

Time Warner claims it’s not a hostile lawsuit and that it is at “an impasse” with some network owners.

What it really needs, it smugly declares, is for a thrid party to confirm that its “interpretation is correct.”