Time Warner and Universal say "No" to Apple

Steve Jobs has received a slap in the face from Time Warner and NBC Universal, who told Apple that they will not redo their video libraries to make them work on the Flash-free iPad.

The New York Post reports that the media giants believe that Flash does the job really well and it would be too expensive to remake their videos to a format that would work with the iPad.

Apple has been under increasing scrutiny over its decision to ban Adobe’s Flash from its products. Jobs believes it is old hat and unsafe, but Adobe and others have put forward the ideais  that Apple is becoming a bit too big for its boots and is trying to monopolise the internet. Even the US Department of Justice is investigating the fruity company for antitrust practices.

This latest decision by Time Warner and Universal will bode well for Adobe, but other media groups like Disney, CBS, CNN, and Fox News are already offering content that can work on the iPad, meaning the Apple product is not being entirely boycotted. With the increasing sales of the iPad media agencies may betray their consciences for the offer of 30 pieces of silver.

Time Warner is particularly against Apple’s latest moves due to a model it is trying to promote called “TV Everywhere”, which does not mix well with Apple’s “TV only here” ideal.