Third of Brits will watch World Cup online

A survey by PC World has revealed that a third of the UK plans to watch the World Cup online rather than on the telly or in a violent pub.

It’s thought that fans will also keep informed and view on the go via smartphones, with four in ten Brits saying they’ll watch as they’re moving about. Thanks to the unavoidable presence of technology everywhere, just under half of those surveyed are expecting they’ll miss fewer games than the 2006 World Cup.

Replays of the games will be watched online by just 10 percent of those surveyed, which seems odd to us as they will be available on the BBC iPlayer and iTV for a week after each match, leaving the choice up to the viewer instead of having to put red circles all over the TV guide.

The survey of 3,000 people also pointed out that tons of fans will be checking in on social networks, with – surprise – Facebook and Twitter being the most popular way to chat about the World Cup.

Web Root however reports that with the popularity of streaming video, fans should be on the look out for scam sites. A site doing the rounds at the moment is called Live Sports Network, which charges potential mugs $29.97 for unlimited access to all the matches. The site says included are “3,000 + premium TV channels” and “800+ premium movie channels” all on a “comfortable interface”. When you sign up, you’re presented with just a couple of links to streaming video feeds that are free already.