There's room for a Schmidt-load of social networks

Search engine Google says that there is nothing for other social networks to fear from its Google+ set up.

Executive chairman Eric Schmidt told Reuters that Google wants to see more co-operation with social-media giants Facebook and Twitter, and not competition.


Schmidt said it was too early to say how its new social network, Google +, was faring , although he is pleased that people appeared to be clamouring to be part of the trial.


What appeared to be the motivator, especially with younger users, was online video chat, he said. Although that is exactly the sort of service that Skype and Facebook have just offered.


But Schmidt said he would “love to have deeper integration with Twitter and Facebook” even though recent talks with Twitter broke down and Facebook is not returning his calls.


Google’s attempts to get Facebook to let + users import Facebook friends went nowhere, Schmidt said. Probably because the idea of giving your database to your rival is a little bit daft.


However Schmidt sees a future with “multiple sources of online identity and multiple social networks”. Although that dream appears to be dependant on everyone loving Google and not seeing it as the great white shark of the industry.