The internet: "Prince is completely over"

The internet has revealed in a sensational interview with TechEye that it thinks Prince is dead. It comes shortly after Prince accused the internet of being “completely over.”

Talking in what is believed to be its first ever interview with a British tabloid, the internet said: “Prince is completely over. I don’t see why I should listen to his music. They won’t pay me an advance to listen to his music and then he gets angry when I do listen to it.”

The internet went on to say: “Prince is like MTV. At one time MTV was hip, and suddenly it became outdated.” The internet followed up by criticising other once prolific musicians: “All these eighties throwbacks and sell out comeback tours at the O2 are no good. They just empty your wallet and have a go at you for uploading their stuff onto YouTube.”

The internet has taken its war against Prince to the next level by posting, tweeting and stumbling his original, mental interview in The Mirror all over the place for the world to laugh at. 

TechEye asked the internet what it has planned for the future. The internet told us: “Well, first of all, I hope 4Chan is going to pick up on this and maybe start a new meme. I wouldn’t mind if b3ta had a go at Prince as well. Right now though I’m just focusing on sending Justin Bieber to North Korea.”