The best of Wikileaks is still to come

Whistleblowing site Wikileaks says that there is much worse information to come.

The outfit said that it is preparing another batch of 15,000 documents for release that reportedly include up to 10,000 cable messages from US embassies around the world.

The information includes things relating to arms deals, trade talks, covert meetings and uncensored views of various governments.

While the Wikileaks documents are proving to be to the Afghanistan war what the Pentagon Papers were to Vietnam, there is some real fear in the US that the embassy cables could do even more damage.

There is speculation about what will be in the cable messages. Already it is known that diplomats waded into an Icelandic politician, but it is hard to see how these could be any more dangerous than the Afghanistan leaks.

Oddly it seems the US administration agrees with this assessment. Although it has lashed out at the publication of its military secrets, there is a genuine fear that Wikileaks might have its paws on some interesting diplomatic cables.

When the US government arrested the person responsible for the military leaks, it was the diplomatic cables that they were really concerned about. One can only wonder what is in them that makes assassination squads and shooting kiddies appear so mild.