Tesco internal system failure – groceries go AWOL

A Tesco internal systems failure affected the delivery of groceries this morning. But the company claims the problem was isolated to only one store, in North East London.

But it caused customer service and delivery staff to chase their tails. After placing an order yesterday afternoon on Tesco.com for delivery between 10AM and 11AM this morning, a tipster received a voicemail from a customer service representative who was based in the Cardiff office.

She quite cheerfully said that the order had been cancelled due to the “store’s systems going down”, caused by the nondescript “system issues”. She reckoned that if a delivery was still needed the best thing to do would be to log back online, which was working perfectly fine.

There’s also no mention of “issues” on the website.

Customer services were contacted again – but a representative said no more information was available because systems are down.

“The system has caused lots of issues for deliveries and Tesco has tried to call all its customers, which as you can imagine are many when you consider the morning delivery vans have 20 different stops and orders,” the representative said.

TechEye contacted Tesco’s press office. How many people will miss their breakfast,brunch or lunch today? 

We were told that Tesco.com customer services are run from a Cardiff call centre, while Club Card queries are directed to a centre in Dundee.

This seems to be a case of buy one get two free. The UK centres appeared after Tesco decided to cut down on call centre staff in Bangalore back in 2008  following expensive living costs.

Despite that, the Tesco spokesperson said there are call centres based here to help with internal staff computer problems.

After the palaver, the driver turned up with the delivery. He had no idea about any “system issues”, with the only hint that something could be wrong is that no signature was required.

Tesco hasn’t had a spanking clean record online. In January last year the company’s website broke down completely with pages going missing and problems at checkout.

*EyeSee Tesco’s PR team has been on the blower. Here’s what they have to say: “The issue affected the store in the local area and wasn’t widespread. They didn’t crash they were just running very slowly.

“The issue has now been resolved and customers are being called to be informed that orders can be delivered.”

When TechEye pointed out customer services in Cardiff had problems with all of their systems we were told: “These systems weren’t down, there wasn’t a problem”.

That’s that then!