Teen confesses toilet crime on Facebook

A Portsmouth teen might be regretting being so open to his Facebook chums.

According to Portsmouth News, a 16-year old flooded a loo in a library by shoving bog paper into the sinks and turning on the taps.

He did this late in the day so that no one would notice the damage until the next day. He caused about £100,000 worth of damage to the library.

The list of suspects was not that long and the kid had his collar fingered by Inspector Knacker of the Yard.

The kid claimed that the coppers had “done him wrong” and it was nothing to do with him. The loo was flooded before he got there.

It turns out that Inspector Knacker did a bit of digging and pulled the lad’s Facebook page.

While he had told the cops he had done nothing, he had answered a question on Facebook as to whether he might be guilty. His reply: “Kind of, yeah. I’ve kept it to myself. A few mates know.”

His mates had not told the rozzers but it looks like the lad might want to do a bit of work on his privacy settings.

The library was shut for five months, and the judge told the teen he would be doing porridge for the crime.