Technology Strategy Board invests in Internet of Things

The UK’s Technology Strategy Board has hatched a plan to kickstart an Internet of Things revolution, handing out cash to a number of firms to encourage development of technologies and services.

With a kitty of up to £4 million the TSB will attempt to keep Britain at the forefront of development of an ‘eco-system’ for the introduction of a – rather mind-boggling – level of connectivity involved in an Internet of Things.

Ten British companies are to receive initial cash handouts of up to £50,000 in order to get a better plans to push a world where all manner of objects are connected to the web.  If you thought that a world of Google spying with its silly cars is rather unnerving then a world where even your trainers are connected and communicating on the net is likely to put the chills up a few.

Of course there are exciting possibilities, and, as the TSB and the firms involved at this stage says, a good buck or two to be made.  As well as the technological benefits, economic development would get a boost, with potentially billions of pounds worth of investment with new business.

Graham Fisher, a Director at Cambridge Wireless, welcomed the efforts made by the Technology Strategy Board.  He told TechEye that there are plenty of opportunities to be had with an Internet of Things, though there is more that needs to be done in terms of infrastructure in order to create the ecosystem the TSB is striving for.

“Rural connectivity could be an issue as it is necessary that ubiquitous internet is available in order to create efficient systems,” Fisher told TechEye. “For efficient telehealth and smart metering this all falls down if you are not able to provide ubiquitous connections.”

Then again, there are “problems with a lack of full connections in many parts of the country,” Fisher says. “We need to push forward with the roll out of LTE and use of white spaces as soon as possible to support this.”