TechEye goes 3D in world first

Everywhere is going 3D crazy and here at TechEye we’re always on trend – that’s why we’re offering you, the readers, a chance to experience the wild, mindblowing visual experience of an entire 3D website, here, first.

3D-mania started recently with the critically acclaimed Nat Deverich 5-reel melodrama Power of Love in 1922. Since then the whole world has been thrilled every single day about the brand new craze, from our favourite Murdoch-owned movie outlet 20th Century Fox going worldwide with  James Cameron’s blockbuster hit Avatar, to our favourite Murdoch owned sports broadcaster Sky Sports showing football matches in full 3D to even our favourite Murdoch propaganda news vehicle The Sun now announcing it will have a completely 3D issue come the 5th of June.

Well, not to be left behind we’ve decided to pip all competition to the post and let loose THE FIRST EVER UK BASED TECHNOLOGY NEWS ONLINE PUBLICATION IN FULL, STUNNING, STEREOSCOPIC 3D.

And yes, we know you’re wondering if we’ll publish our Page 3 equivalent – currently this – in 3D. We’re excited to tell you that even our Page 3 equivalent will be mind-bogglingly three dimensional.

We are even offering the unique opportunity for TechEye subscribers to hear a podcast of their choice in true stereophonic sound while they browse our world first 3D website. All readers have to do is to purchase a set of stereophonic headphones and follow this link, not unique to TechEye, and listen to it while they have their minds blown by the NEW way to experience Visual Online Media (VOM).

Simply write to us on a postcard and we’ll have your 3D specs in the post, together with a second class stamp and an envelope you can choose to do whatever you want with.

NB – TechEye 3D does not support Internet Exploder