Teapotting has designs on Facebook Planking craze

Following the news that another stupid planker has reached the logical conclusion of pretending to be a piece of wood atop a moving vehicle and landed himself in a coma, there is a somewhat safer craze attempting to take hold of Australia.

In response to the tragic death of one man who found real life too much to bear and began imitating a chunk of dead tree on his seventh floor balcony, two psychology teachers have attempted to kick-start a phenomenon to save Australia’s doomed youth.

Alison Coates and Olivia Campbell have started a Facebook page devoted to the safer, but no less ridiculous ‘teapotting’.

Not to be confused with ‘teabagging’, this is a rather less risque activity. You have your photo taken while striking the ‘I’m a little teapot’ pose in various parts of the world.

According to the two teachers it was inspired by the idea that “with something as stupid as planking there could be something fun like teapotting”.

While this could be a Brasseye-esque attempt at social satire by the two, it appears that the Facebook group is beginning to grab the world’s attention. It launched on Monday, though at our last check there were over three thousand members so not quite at planking levels just yet.

It’s likely that many would rather take their chances with a seven story drop than showing the world pictures of them doing teapot impression in cow fields, as the teachers made their students do.

We will have to see if this sensation has any real staying power.

Other planking alternatives

  • Plonking. Being a plonker. Very popular on the internet.
  • Wonking. Making a nuisance of yourself by very slightly adjusting picture frames to the left.
  • Banking. Playing with money on an excellent salary with little regard for cause and effect. Hotspots: Wall Street, London.
  • Don-King. Cultivating an impressive hairdo on the boxing circuit.
  • Sin-King. Beelzebub. ‘King hell.
  • Tan-king. Being more orange than that daytime auction geezer.
  • Plinking. Playing only the high notes on a piano, uploading video to YouTube.
  • Drinking. All that’s left to do to forget about all of the above.

Can you think of any planking alternatives? Post them in the comments below. Other honourable mentions: Dogging, Cooking.