Teacher suspended for Facebook gag about kids

A US school district has suspended a first-year teacher after parents moaned about her comments on the social notworking site Facebook.

Parents were a little concerned when the un-named teacher described teaching their precious snowflakes as like being a prison warden. She also was fairly certain that the six and seven year-olds would turn out as future criminals.

According to the Record newspaper, the teacher was frog marched from the classroom after several parents who saw the posts came to Paterson School 21 and asked that their kids be removed from her class.

You can tell that the school did not really know what to do. The excuse for removing the teacher looked like the excuse a seven year old writes for not doing their homework.

Board of Education president Theodore Best told the newspaper that the teacher was suspended “because the incident created serious problems at the school that impeded the functioning of the building”. Apparently such antics prevented the lights from working properly or something.

Best pointed out that you can’t simply fire someone for what they have on a Facebook page, but if that spills over and affects the classroom, then you can take action.

It seems that schools in the US are having a purge on teachers being honest lately. A high school English teacher from outside Philadelphia was suspended for calling the kids in her charge as “disengaged, lazy whiners”. Perhaps she should have said the same thing about the brat’s parents who are clearly looking to off-load their guilt for spawning “lazy and whining” brats on the education system.

In Chicago Public Schools, officials are investigating a teacher who posted a snap on her Facebook page of a student who wore Jolly Rancher candies in her hair. The 7-year-old girl’s mother demanded blood after she saw negative comments written about her daughter’s picture on the page.